• November


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    The Best Holiday Gift: Laser Tattoo Removal

    This time of year, every big name retailer comes out with a Holiday Gift Guide of some sort, but we are here to tell you that the best holiday gift is laser tattoo removal. Why you ask? Laser tattoo removal at Wisconsin Laser Center is one of those gifts that keep on giving. If someone

    • February


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    Visible Tattoos in Wisconsin

    The motivation for Americans to have certain tattoos removed comes from a variety of places, but it can all be lumped under the concept of “tattoo regret.” Most of us have something that we regret from the past – choices, our words, etc. – and for many of us that thing is, or is represented by,

    • January


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    Inferior Tattoo Removal Methods

    The idea of a tattoo being removed might be new to you. You might only know about laser tattoo removal – a little bit at that. Well, this may come as even more of a surprise, but there is more than one way to get rid of a tattoo; more than just a laser. That said,

    • December


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    Why Choose LASER Tattoo Removal (vs. Other Removal Methods)

    Have you ever wondered why a laser is the best way to remove a tattoo? Allow us to explain. Tattoo ink settles into the dermis layer (second layer) of skin, below the epidermis (outer layer). Because ink is not on the surface of the skin, something has to go into the skin to get rid

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