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    New Year’s Resolution: Tattoo Removal

    Make tattoo removal your New Year’s resolution. Weight loss, exercise, better eating, and healthier habits or a healthier lifestyle, in general, are the overwhelming popular resolutions made for the new year. January 1st, however, is often the only day these things get executed, or worse, just thought about. There is a New Year’s resolution out

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    Why Choose Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal?

    Laser tattoo removal has many factors and many factors can make something complicated. Here is the answer to the question: why choose Nd:YAG tattoo removal over the other options. What is Nd:YAG anyway? Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal simply means the service of tattoo removal completed with Nd:YAG laser technology. The Nd:YAG or neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum

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    Tattoo Removal Progress Photos: Cross, Flames, Flowers

    Again we look at the before, during, and after of laser tattoo removal – tattoo removal progress. We have seen previous case studies that show a single, smaller tattoo fading after multiple laser treatments. The team at Wisconsin Laser Center has never, however, shared the tattoo removal progress photos of a large tattoo or area

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    Tattoo Removal Progress Photos: The Peace Sign

    The tattoo removal progress will look different for nearly every person and tattoo. Even two tattoos on the same person can fade and be removed differently. In this example we will look at a hybrid peace sign/sun tattoo that has had two treatments in its tattoo removal progress. This all black tattoo is located on

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    How to Speed Up Tattoo Removal

    The effects of laser tattoo removal can be maximized, thus sped up, by a few things you can do. Each of these action items involve improved overall health initiatives which is obviously great beyond just the tattoo fading and removal efforts.  Here are a few tips on how to speed up tattoo removal. Tattoos are

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    Wisconsin Laser Center’s Radio Ad

    Who has the best laser tattoo removal in Northeast Wisconsin? We do – Wisconsin Laser Center! Our laser tattoo removal in Appleton is the best in the region and has been featured on WIXX 101.1 in the mornings. The laser tattoo removal procedure at Wisconsin Laser Center is safe, fast, and affordable. We’re exactly who

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