Appleton Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal in Appleton, Wisconsin is now state-of-the-art. Wisconsin Laser Center has opened a clinic specializing in tattoo removal, and has invested in the safest, most effective laser on the market. We are dedicated to helping you meet your ink removal goals – whether that is complete removal or lightening – and doing so with expertise.

How Tattoo Removal with a Laser Works

Tattoo removal can’t be too complicated, right? Well… a quality laser system makes it a lot easier! Laser tattoo removal works by aiming powerful, specific, and extremely focused light energy at the undesired tattoo. This light energy penetrates the skin down into the dermis layer and is quickly absorbed by the tattoo pigment. This quick absorption causes the ink to heat up and burst, just as fast. Once all unwanted parts of the tattoo have been treated, that treatment is done and the body does the rest of the work!

After each treatment, the body will flush away the broken ink particles, fading the tattoo’s appearance. With continued treatments – spaced six to eight weeks apart – the tattoo will eventually be completely gone and the skin clean, clear, and tattoo free.

Is All Laser Tattoo Removal the Same?

laser treatment in appleton wisconsinNo way! Wisconsin Laser Clinic’s Appleton tattoo removal clinic features excellent laser technology and laser specialists who understand the skin,
lasers, and how those two things interact. Each laser treatment at Appleton’s best tattoo removal clinic will be tailored to the needs of your tattoo.

Where your unwanted tattoo is located, its colors, and how you respond to the laser treatment are all factors we consider at each and every appointment. So rest assured, we are invested in you and your removal success. That is why we offer free consultations – to learn more about you, your goals for laser treatment, and how we can best assist that process.

Plus, you can be confident that every treatment is performed with advanced laser technology that has been designed specifically to remove unwanted pigment from the skin, by offering the industry’s most customizable settings for unique and personalized treatments, every time.

Northeast Wisconsin Tattoo Removal

Northeast Wisconsin finally has a solution to unwanted tattoos, and no matter where you are in the Fox River Valley, we are conveniently located just off the highway in Appleton. Clients visit us from Fond Du Lac, Green Lake, Manawa, Oshkosh, and of course, Neenah and Menasha on a regular basis. We are locally owned, operated, and when the tattoos are gone, appreciated!

Regardless of if you are in the heart of Appleton, surrounding Appleton, or all the way in Green Bay, give us a call to help you forget about the past and erase your tattoo. All consultations are free of charge and we feature the most affordable laser tattoo removal in Northeast Wisconsin.

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