Appleton and Green Bay Tattoo Fading

What is Tattoo Fading/Tattoo Lightening?

Tattoo fading is as straightforward as it sounds – the fading of a tattoo. How do we do it?

We use advanced laser technology to target the ink deep within the skin and shatter the tattoo pigment. The tattoo is shattered into tiny fragments, so small that the body flushes them away as foreign objects. (Don’t worry, this is a natural flushing process.)

Tattoo fading is good for an individual who does not necessarily want to completely remove a tattoo but diminish the appearance of tattoo on the skin. What is the point of tattoo fading you ask?

Fading a tattoo in Appleton, WI is done with motivations as unique as the individuals and their tattoos. The most common reason for lightening a tattoo is to have a cover up tattoo applied. A cover up tattoo is simply a new tattoo that goes on top of the original tattoo, hiding it from visibility.

Fading a tattoo makes cover up art easier on the artist. With a faded tattoo, your favorite artist is able to be more versatile with techniques and colors used, because they have a cleaner canvas.

How Does Laser Tattoo Fading Work?

At Wisconsin Laser Center, we fade tattoos for clients from Green Bay, Oshkosh, everywhere in between, and beyond.

The laser fading process is similar to the complete tattoo removal process, except abbreviated. Instead of following through with laser treatments until the tattoo is no longer visible, the client simply needs enough treatments to reach the desired level of fading.

This may mean three to five treatments rather than five to ten.

What is a Tattoo Fading Treatment Like?

A laser tattoo removal treatment and a laser tattoo fading or tattoo lightening treatment are exactly the same. During the first appointment you will have a free consultation with one of our laser specialists. During the consultation we will discuss the tattoo that you wish to have removed, how the laser works, and tattoo removal pricing options in Appleton.

NE Wisconsin Tattoo Removal

The treatment itself will include a cooling or numbing of the skin with our Zimmer Cryo 6 cold air chiller. Once the skin is numbed, the laser treatment will begin. This laser process should only last a few minutes – more or less depending on the size of the tattoo that is being treated.

Weeks following the laser treatment the shattered pigment will begin to be flushed away and slightly faded from visibility. The tattoo does not magically go away overnight, but Appleton’s best laser tattoo removal clinic can do a wonderful job fading your unwanted tattoo safely and efficiently.

The best part? Whenever you see the lightening you want, you are done!

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