Tattoo Removal Pricing

Cost of Removal in Appleton

Since you probably now know just how a tattoo can be removed by a laser, you probably want to know what tattoo removal costs. As one of the most common questions concerning the laser tattoo removal procedure, at Wisconsin Laser Center, we strive to be upfront and transparent about our pricing structures for laser tattoo removal.

At Appleton’s best tattoo removal clinic, Wisconsin Laser Center, we focus on the size of the unwanted tattoos as the basis for our cost structure.  We believe that nothing should stand in the way of you removing a tattoo you do not like, with an emphasis on pricing. That is why we have designed a pricing for laser tattoo removal that is friendly to our neighbors in the Fox River Valley. Each laser treatment at our clinic can cost as little as $99 each. We also offer package pricing for tattoo removal with sets of three and five treatments (the average tattoo needs five to ten.) Each client will receive a free consultation before treatments begin; this is to ensure awareness of the process and pricing.

Price for Laser Tattoo Removal

The most popular pricing options for laser tattoo removal involve the size of the tattoo. For example, small, medium, and large being 2” x 2”, 4” x 4”, and 6” x 6”, respectively. Usually a smaller and larger size category exists, too. This way of pricing tattoo removal reflects that larger tattoos – which take more time and resources to remove – cost a bit more to remove, while small, thumb tack-sized tattoos cost less money.

Do note that we do not consider an outline-style tattoo to be as large as the space it takes up. For example, a lifesize outline of a cat may only actually be as much ink as a lifesize, filled-in mouse tattoo.

Other clinics may charge for time spent, laser used, or by visual estimate. We find flaws in this pricing method for tattoo removal for various reasons like a technician taking their time to increase cost, inefficient treatments with a lesser laser system or more expensive treatments for a laser that will not do a better job but cost the clinic three times as much, and finally, inconsistency with visual estimates.

Because every tattoo is no the same, every tattoo removal treatment process will not be the same. Wisconsin Laser Center has the ability to tailor each treatment and treatment plan to what you need, for where you are in the removal process.

Cheap Tattoo Removal Treatment

Laser tattoo removal at Wisconsin Laser Center will not be cheap in the sense of low quality because we offer a laser service with some of the best equipment in the U.S., but it will be cheap with regard to pricing. While no laser tattoo removal treatment comes off a one dollar only menu, we provide low cost tattoo removal treatment options to each of our patients – saving you money with each tattoo laser treatment.

The Fox Cities can count on Wisconsin Laser Center for their removal needs, and to be open and honest about their laser tattoo removal questions.

For a free consultation (cannot get cheaper than that!) please call us at (920) 882-0115 or contact us via the appointment scheduler on this page.

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